Tom Colonic

Tom Colonic is Mayor Phlemming's rival for the mayoralty for the City of Frank.


Tom is a cell who promises the citizens that he will make Frank DeTorre more healthy. Tom seems to loves changes especially when he wants to make Frank healthy. Tom seems to dislike Phlegmming while watching him read his report on T.V.

Osmosis Jones (film)Edit

Tom Colonic is seen on T.V. who's against Mayor Phlemming for the re-election as mayor of the City of Frank. After he promises that he will make Frank DeTorre healthier, a young cell named Billy hears a fart and asks Colonic what's that smell. Colonic says that is the smell of change. Colonic is later seen watching Phlegmming reading his report on T.V. Colonic angrily glares at him along with his friends as they listen to the mayor's report. Colonic doesn't make another appearance, but it's possible that he won the re-election after Osmosis Jones saved Frank.


  • Tom Colonic is voiced by Ron Howard.
  • Colonic made a video so he can win the re-election for mayoralty of the City of Frank.