The Zit was on Frank DeTorre's forehead and was a place where germs usually hang out or have meetings.


On the outside, it looks like any old zit, an inflamed area with pus in the center. On the inside however, it functions as one of the hottest nightclubs in Frank. It functions much like a nightclub in the outside world would, with exotic dancers, drinking, and some criminal activity.

Osmosis Jones(film)Edit

After getting information from Chill, Ozzy and Drix travel to the forehead to try to discover Thrax's plan. Once inside, Ozzy has Drix try to act natural by "dancing" while he infiltrates the meeting. Ozzy's cover is eventually blown, and he and Drix fight Thrax and his cronies. A grenade of icy medication is set off, destroying the zit, and many surrounding buildings. Meanwhile on the outside, Frank is trying to convince Mrs. Boyd to let him go on the camping trip with Shane. As she considers it, the Zit pops and lands on her lip, grossing her out.


  • It was said that Frank usually gets zits by rubbing his face with fried chicken.
  • When you get a close look at the zit, you can see it moving because of the germs are partying in there.
  • Unlike the White-blood cell Police Station, The Zit is where germs hang out and have meetings.
  • One of the drinks that are offered is a Whitehead Russian, which is based on the real world drink the White Russian.