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The Spanish germ is a small germ who speaks Spanish and saw Thrax emerge from the chimp saliva egg.


The germ is cowardly and funny during the film. Whenever he sees Thrax, he says "The Red Death" in Spanish and runs away. He also seems to dislike being frozen by Drix twice. This germ can also try to warn other cells about Thrax whenever he enters a human's body.

Osmosis Jones(film)Edit

While Artie and his co-worker suck up some germs from the egg, the Spanish germ hides under a piece of cloth, but Artie's co-worker spots him. Before the saliva cell could suck the germ with the vacuum cleaner, they hear Artie's screams and Artie is nowhere to be seen. After Thrax emerges from the egg and kills the co-worker, Thrax sets the boat on fire and the Spanish germ tries to flee. Later, when Osmosis Jones explores the boat, the Spanish germ tries to tell him about Thrax, but is frozen by Drix's freeze gun. Jones carries the germ with him and Drix uses the germ as a disguise when they go into The Zit. The germ is finally unfrozen and flees when he sees Thrax, but is frozen again the zit is popped. It is unknown what happens to the germ after the zit was popped.


  • Its unknown if this germ has a name
  • This germ's appearance is kind of based on a cyclops.
  • During the film, the germ spoke a little bit of English.
  • This germ was frozen by Drix two times.
  • The Spanish germ is voiced by Carlos Alazraqui, who voiced Rocko in Rocko's Modern Life. Alazraqui also does several additional voices in Ozzy and Drix.