Shane DeTorre is the daughter of Frank DeTorre and is the niece of Bob DeTorre.


Shane is a 10 year old girl who wants her father to eat healthy. She seemed very sad about her mother's death and blamed her dad for it. It's shown that Shane loves to be with her friends and has a good time with them. When her dad is taken to the hospital by Thrax's attack, its seen that Shane cares for her dad and was very sad when he almost died until he was saved by Osmosis Jones.

Osmosis Jones(film)Edit

Throughout the film, she tries to get Frank to eat healthier. As much as she loves her dad, she blames him for the death of her mother. She has a change of heart though as she is nearly orphaned. The final battle for Franks life actually takes place on her eye, and it is because of her tears that Frank was able to come back to life. At the end of the film, she and Frank enjoy a hike together. 


  • Shane is portrayed by Elena Franklin