Scabies was the leader of a gang of germs until Thrax killed him.


Scabies is the mafia-esque leader of some germs who resided at The Left Armpit. When Scabies insulted Thrax, the virus got angry and attacked the germs and killed Scabies. When Scabies' remains go down the drain, he talks down on Thrax, claiming he isn’t “so tough”.

Osmosis Jones(film)Edit

At The Left Armpit, Scabies asks if the foot fungus arrived which one of his henchmen Joe Cramp replied no. After Scabies orders his men to send a message to the fungus, Thrax arrives who says he's looking for volunteers to help him with his plan for Frank DeTorre. Scabies orders Thrax to leave and take his "hustle" someplace else which Thrax replies it ain't about no hustle and it's about the bad illness that anyone has ever seen. Scabies insults Thrax by saying "Look who thinks he's the Ebola virus," which makes his thugs laugh and Thrax angrily replies "Ebola is a case of dandruff, compared to me!" Scabies orders one of his henchmen, Bruiser to take care of Thrax, but Thrax fights the henchmen and uses his claw to boil the spa to make the room foggy. Then, Thrax grabs Scabies and slashes him with his claw. As Scabies's remains go down the drain, his mouth tells Thrax that he isn’t tough enough and that his attack on him was “nothing”. With their leader dead, Scabies' men start working for Thrax to help him carry on with his plan.


  • Scabies's mouth was last seen going down the drain after he was slashed by Thrax's claw.
  • Scabies's appearance is almost similar to a Buddhist statue.
  • His character is based off of the stereotype of Italian-American mob bosses.