Mrs. Boyd is Shane DeTorre's science and P.E. teacher who has a 200 yard restraining order against Frank DeTorre


Mrs. Boyd is a kind and hyper woman who cares about her students. She seems to enjoy her teaching position.

Osmosis Jones(film)Edit

She first meets Frank at the school science fair. She seems to enjoy his company at first, until he throws up on her. Her and her family become the butt of the community's jokes. Local news reporters poked fun at her children's names, and they became outcasts at their school. She has a 200 yard restraining order against Frank as a result of this. Frank comes to her later asking her to lift the restraining order for the weekend, just so he can't go camping with Shane. She almost gets to the point of reconsidering it until Frank's zit pops on her lip and freaks out. 

She was seen when to tell Shane to come back but Bob told her she is with him. She was never seen in the end of the film though when Frank was with Shane camping it is possible that she gave up the 200 yard restraining order. 


  • Mrs. Boyd is portrayed by Molly Shannon
  • Its revealed that Mrs. Boyd has three children
  • Her daughter's name is Shirley and her sons' names are Ralph and Chuck