435151-frank detorre

Frank Detorre eating a fried chicken leg.

Frank DeTorre is a live-action character from the film. He is the father of Shane DeTorre and brother of Bob DeTorre.


Frank is lazy, gluttonous, unhealthy, and a little fatherly. Despite this, he has a deep love for his daughter Shane, and would do anything for her.


  • Bill Murray (Osmosis Jones)
  • Jeff Bennett (Ozzy & Drix)


Osmosis JonesEdit


Frank DeTorre eating chicken legs with natchos in Ozzy & Drix.

Frank lost his wife to some unknown disease, and he was left to take care of Shane. His life began to spiral out of control after an incident at Shane's science fair. After eating raw oysters from a display, Ozzy discovers a virus on one of them and induces Frank to throw up. Unfortunately it was on Shane's science teacher. Frank became the laughing stock of the town, and was fired from his job at a pea soup factory. His brother Bob hooked him up with a job at the zoo, where he has worked ever since. He accidentally infects himself with a virus after eating a boiled egg that was covered in chimp saliva. As a result, he nearly dies from the fever that it brings. After his near death experience, Frank decides to take better care of himself, so he can be there for Shane.

Ozzy and DrixEdit


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