Ozzy & Drix - Downtown Frank Sign (The City of Frank)

The City Of Frank is the main setting for the film, Osmosis Jones. The city is inside Frank DeTorre's body where all blood cells and germs live and where the animated sections of the movie are in. The city is filled with blood cells and germs which the blood cells are the citizens and germs are the criminals. White Blood cells protect the body from germs viruses and are the police force of the body called the F.P.D (Frank Police Department) Red Blood cells goes to work to their jobs within the body. Veins and blood vessels serves as roads, highways and freeways for the cells to drive in their cars.The cars within Frank's body serve as normal cars in the real world except having wheels they have cilia. Frank's organs serve different purposes for the citizens. For example; the Bladder is a way for germs and cells to leave the body, the Stomach serves as the airport, the Zit was a nightclub, etc. The unhealthier sections of Frank such as the Liver and Bowels are portrayed as heavily industrial/run down neighborhoods.


  • Frank Police Department
  • The Zit (formerly, destroyed)
  • The Left Armpit
  • Cerebellum Hall
  • The Bladder
  • The Stomach
  • The Mouth
  • The Nose
  • Lower East "Backside"