Christine Kolchuck is a teenage girl and Hector Cruz's crush who appears in Ozzy & Drix.


She is very sweet and kind, and she is smart enough to look out for Hector's safety and well being. She also has a sense of humor, as shown in "The Dream Factory" and "An Out of Body Experience Part 1". She can be quite serious as in "An Out of Body Experience" she gives an unconscious Hector some chest compressions and mouth to mouth.

Ozzy & DrixEdit

She is Hector's love-interest and she also serves as Hector's voice of reason in the show.


Hector Cruz- They are good terms and Hector has a crush on her, she is hinted to be aware and has a crush on him as well. This can be seen as after she saved from drowning and gave him CPR, she was seen giggling at his worry for his breath but she assured it was okay. She also seemed to enjoy giving him CPR as she can be seen smiling before locking lips with him for mouth to mouth resuscitation.

Travis Lurn- She is a good friend to Travis.