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The Flu Shot after Ozzy stops the chicken pox fight

Chill, The Flu Shot is a influenza vaccine who resides at the liver of Frank DeTorre.

Osmosis Jones (film)Edit

In the film, Ozzy and Drix go down to the liver of Frank DeTorre to get information about the deadly virus threating the life of Frank. When they arrive they see an influenza virus running an illegal chicken pock fight. At first, when Drix sees The Flu Shot he is ready to arrest Chill because he thought that Chill would harm Frank but Ozzy stops him and says that Chill is an ally and is a Flu Shot. When Ozzy tries to get information out of Chill, he gets stubborn but then Ozzy and Drix threaten him saying that they would shoot him with Drix's arm cannon. After the threat, Chill reveals that the deadly virus's name is Thrax and that they can find him at The Zit which was located at the forehead. After revealing the information, Chill goes down a storm drain close by telling Ozzy and Drix that they did not get the information from him.


  • The Mole from Ozzy & Drix is based on the Flu Shot
  • He claims that he is protected by the Virus protection program

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