Bruiser was a henchman who worked for Scabies and Thrax.


Bruiser is a mean, tough, and strong germ who does anything for his boss. After most of Thrax's henchmen were killed, Bruiser suggested that they should wait until they receive large numbers. This showed that Bruiser was cowardly when he said that to Thrax which led Bruiser and his fellow germ buddy to their deaths.

Osmosis JonesEdit

We are introduced to Bruiser as well as the rest of Thrax's henchmen at The Left Armpit. After their old boss, Scabies, is killed, they decide to work for Thrax. They help him carry out his plans by helping him trigger a runny nose at the Dam. At the Zit, they fight Ozzy and Drix and all the henchmen are killed except for Bruiser and Joe Cramp. After suggesting they incubate until they can gather more cells, Thrax leaves them for dead as he blows up an old adrenaline station.


  • Bruiser is voiced by Bob Papenbrook.
  • Like the Spanish germ, Bruiser's appearance is based on a cyclops.