The second saliva cell is Artie's co-worker who was cleaning up an egg that Frank DeTorre ate.


He and Artie both act like typical New England fishermen. Not much else is known about his personality.

Osmosis Jones(film)Edit

He and Artie spend hours cleaning up the gum line after Frank had lunch. They carry weapons that function both as a taser as well as a vacuum for bacteria. He becomes frightened after Artie mysteriously vanishes, and is the first cell to see Thrax. Despite surrendering, he is immediately murdered after Thrax sets him ablaze with his viral infecting claw. Their boat is also set on fire and triggers a sore throat.



  • The saliva cell is voiced by John Lithgow.
  • It is unknown what Artie's co-worker's real name is.
  • The co-worker's body was never found in the damaged saliva boat. It is likely that the effects of Thrax's viral infecting claw caused his body to completely disintegrate.
  • He is the first on-screen murder performed by Thrax.